Play football in Africa – at your own risk

Not long ago when anyone spoke to me about a football player, the first image I had in mind was a handsome muscular mass running behind a ball for a living followed closely by the second image of a multi-million contractor driving a sports car while being followed by a heard of beautifully sculpted golddiggers (AKA Wags in the UK)

However, recent events in African football gave me a whole new vision of the game. It seems that to be an African football player you need a whole extra set of skills and you also acquire a different image (well, I think a lot if not most of them don’t have the Wag or the multimillion contract privilege). To be an African football player you sometimes have to be a politician, remember the Algeria-Egypt saga, stay tuned for part 4 of the Saga in the African cup of nations 2010. To be an African football player is also sometimes to be a soldier, yesterday the Togolese players were welcomed into Angola with a spraying of bullets when they crossed by bus. As I am not a mad football follower I don’t know what else is happening in African football but I am sure these 2 incidents are only the tip on the iceberg.

What is going on in Africa? why is football fever turning into savage attacks now even claiming lives but yet I wonder why the FIFA isn’t speaking up…….why are the South African plans still going strong? why were Algeria and Egypt let to battle it out? even more dramatic why is the CAN 2010 still being held in Angola???!!!!

What’s next?


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