Your 2010

Every January I read around all the articles about my year ahead predictions according to my star sign. This topic seems to be the only thing January issues of magazines and many websites seem to be able to publish.

If I take what I found the past couple of weeks (yes yes some start in December), then 2010 shall be a year of great success (for me and the other few million people sharing my star sign) I shall have great love stories or maybe not the topic is debatable depending on the magazine/site, I shall not have any major financial/professional/health problems and the year will be pretty much drama free………… what am I supposed to have a bland boring year, nothing new, nothing exciting, not even a teeny bit of Turkish style drama????!!! Might as well go back to sleep and wake up in Jan 2011.

Some sites even predicted that I might be travelling a lot…no kidding I have been doing exactly that since the age of 6 months old. I understand that some people might need a Madame Starshine to tell them what will the next 12 months be like to give them courage to live through them, but come on at least have the decency to agree on the predictions have mercy on the poor souls give them one clear message 2010 you will have a miserable year stock up on tissues, chocolate and ice cream, or 2010 will be fabulous you can stop crying now.

Why can’t these articles give normal predictions like, if you keep that haircut you will have a miserable love life the year ahead, or you shall go shopping get a new suit and impress in the interview.

Ah well, I wonder what Jan 2011 will say

(قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ( كذب المنجمون ولو صدقوا


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