Plastic is fantastic……..when it works

I wanted to post something about plastic…plastic money that is, how great and convenient it is until it stops working.

This morning I agreed to wake up at an un-godly hour (8:30 a.m.) and tag along my mother to one of the city’s malls she had a few things to buy and didn’t want to go on her own (but mom….8:30 come on, well we didn’t leave the house till 10:00), it was nice we did a bit of shopping had coffee and finished off at the supermarket when at the till they informed us that we could only pay by cash because all the card swipes on the tills were out of order!!!!! what all of them!!! we were kindly requested to go get some cash from the ATM at the entrance of the supermarket, upon arrival I tried the card machine worked till the time of cash arrival….the machine spat the plastic and gave nothing no explanation, that’s hen a supermarket worker came and said sorry ma’am the ATM isn’t working the whole mall has an ATM fault, you can try the one in the parking it might work. With sweet mama we scrapped the bottoms of our handbags and managed to find enough to cover the shopping in cash and went home. But seriously….the whole mall about 200 shops with no ATM….what!!!!!! and they didn’t fix it yet!!!!!

This evening dad decided to take us out for a light dinner/snack and drinks as it was nice outside, we drove around for about 30 minutes to find something we liked (well something mom liked, she is a fussy restaurant eater), the place was great they had a nice outdoors terrace and acute dim lighted indoors, we sat on the terrace were ready to order when it started raining so decided to go indoors again we sat chose again and ordered….so that’s about 35 minutes between table choosing twice, seated twice and placing an order, at this point one of the managers walking around comes to our table and says sorry sir but our card swipe is off we only accept cash……WHAT!!!!! not again, we again scrapped the floors of our already scapped handbags and pockets and only managed to find enough for coffees no snacks, we decided to leave (we were more annoyed by the fact they didn’t tell us about the cash situation at the entrance when we were first seated) , we went around all the restaurants/caffees/lounges…etc around it….5 in total and guess what non had a working card swipe…….what is going on

We drove around and found an ATM not too far, guess what, it didn’t work….WHAT!!!!!! WHY!!!! and mostly when didn’t they fix it. W drove another 20 minutes to find a working ATM (that was the 8th ATM we tried) cash at laaaaaaaaaast 🙂 by that time all the driving around and plastic frustration turned the snack into full dinner…..we were starving. My parents were happy to demolish modernity a little they withdrew quiet a sum and decided that for the next few days they will live like the olden days where you didn’t have to rely on technology to be able to have dinner.

I can’t live without my plastic money, please don’t do this to me again 😦


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