Amazigh couscous

I just read a post on a blog that infuriated me I wrote this big smart ass comment and put all my anger into it then to stupidly delete it noooooooo, I couldn’t be bothered re-writing the comment and to maybe have it not approved by the moderator…I decided to post something myself.

The post in question was talking about the current situation in Morocco where the Amazigh people are requesting that their language be put with Arabic as the country’s official language (for you who do not know, Amazighs or Berbers are North Africa’s original inhabitants with a distinct history culture and language).

This man was tying to explain that Amazighs should stop fighting for their right and instead concentrate their efforts on making the country (i.e. Morocco) a better place for themselves and Moroccan Arabs. He was saying that Amazigh identity is just another political tool used to separate ethnicities in the same country (the same Amazigh question is shared by other north African countries), this ignorant fool was saying that the language of Islam is Arabic and as the Amazighs have accepted Islam and its language they should stop claiming their own identity and accept that they are Muslims like the non Amazigh’s of the country so therefore by default they should also conform and accept the identity of Arab and forget their backwards language and heritage.

This ignorant didn’t bother thinking for 2 seconds about the other non Arab Muslims, Muslims in China/Russia/Argentina or even the not so far Iran or Pakistan they prey and read the Koran in Arabic but they still have their non Arab identity…..or is this man suggesting these nations forget their culture and embrace conformity making Muslims a big fat mass of one same…..he is forgetting that strength is in diversity that a country with more than one culture is a richer country……..I hope one day he wakes up

The politically fuelled monologue he was trying to have with his self absorbed ignorance is in my opinion completely off track. Is it maybe not exactly this political supremacy motive that is making a big deal and a fuss about Amazigh being an official language, I don’t see a problem in having both Arabic and Amazigh as official languages as a matter of fact a lot of countries have more than one official language (Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Djibouti, Somalia, Bolivia,….etc I’m skipping the rest but you get the point). Why make this request of addition a big deal why make a fuss out of it and fuel common street ignorants to rant about this addition as being a bad thing.

Is it combine to better control the masses?!?! no matter what the motives it doesn’t change the fact that posts like this infuriate me the sheer ignorance in the text is appalling and the laziness of thought is disgusting

Original post is here (apologies for the on Arabic readers)

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