here we go again

i am well I was up until a few minutes ago watching a very important match in the CAF semi finals, I am amazed by the performance of the main referee and some of the players…..this is more like a theatrical play rather than a football match.

I decided to stop watching as it’s appalling, an insult to the sport (I am not a football fanatic, but I know what a theatre performance looks like). From minute 1 there have been repetitive (sometimes multiple and sequenced) falling/acting/dancing around each other, what’s to make it better the main referee seems to be freshly graduated of Hollywood and wanting to be the card cloud and guess what it’s raining… far 3 red cards and several yellow ones oh and what more most are for the same team (he even threw out the goal keeper with a red card), this referee is good very good we are reaching a new low.

Regardless to who I want to win and who is making mistakes, when you are a referee in such a tense match shouldn’t you actually be a referee ? i.e. be fare, impose order on the field and calm the tensions? Bizarre huh!!!! to me that’s what a referee should do but hey African football doesn’t seas to surprise me this year.

Enough with the ranting, I’ll go watch cartoons at least they’r funny


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