don’t you just hate waiting in transit zone of an airport, everything is done to make your journey longer and more painful than need be. for some odd reason transit to me means:

– if I have more than 1h30 to wait till the connecting flight, I feel and look like shit but  can do nothing about it as I am stuck in an airport

– if the waiting time is between 1h30 ans 4 hrs……..not long enough to go to the airport hotel and catch some sleep but too long to waste time between pretending to find the toilet and free reading magazines at the duty free, what do i do? if its a big modern airport then try to find these lounge chairs where i can pretend to sleep while my eyes are half open to make sure that my hand luggage doesn’t mysteriously catch a different flight than mine…….. ooorrrrrr if there is no way on earth I can sleep (which is usually the case, I have trouble sleeping in public) then it’s wasting all that time at the duty free and god have mercy on the credit cards….and oh my god I already had too much hand luggage as it was why did I have to buy all that.

– if i have more than 4hrs wait then its a happy trip to the airport hotel to catch some sleep…….i get in the room, freshen up pretend to watch some TV to dose off….but noooooo my eyes have different plans, they seem to find this documentary about microscopic bacteria rather interesting and they refuse to close (this makes for a very expensive documentary). and if by miracle I do manage to sleep, I wake up looking and feeling worse than before sleeping (I still didn’t figure this one out)

– not to forget the great transit area food court……..yummy, you have the option of:

1- the snobby over priced but at the same time not too appealing place (for some un-explained reason these all seem to be French brasserie copies no mater what airport in the world)

2- fast food chains (if you are lucky), this option usually comes with the 45 kids on a school ski trip

3- the OK priced but still not very appealing “local” airport diner……….baaahhhhh do we really want to go there?

4- non of the above, because somehow the airport you are in is “closed” for the next 3 hours (oh yes some airport shops close…..sometimes they are all closed)

– one last thing……probably the only joy about being in transit, looking at other fellow “transitters” because you are guaranteed to see a few that look and most probably feel shitter than you……really i;m not actually that bad I should shut up pretend i am enjoying this murder novel while hoping my iPod’s 30 minute remaining battery life  will miraculously last the next 4 hours (yes yes it did happen before)

2 responses to “Transit

  • Marvin

    Yes, those transit zones are a Limbo on Earth, a purgatory from which only the luckiest souls may escape quickly. I usually do my best to find a corner and sleep. I never shop because everything costs three times what it should.

    And your batteries always last longer when you keep them warm against your skin. 😉

    Thank you for visiting my little hidey-hole. I like your rants – they are eloquent and honest.

  • melicieuse

    ahaaa i had no idea about how to make the batteries last longer, next time ill tape my ipod and laptop batteries to my abdomen then theyl tink im trying to blow up the transit area ;-p
    no need to thank me i like your hide-hole

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