1st date

what would you classify as a good or a bad date?  is it from what happens during the date? or is it your after thoughts once its over………i always had trouble with this, what is good or bad and what it is when you don’t know when you have a blaahhhh feeling afterwards like you just ate a bland nicely sweet dessert (you are happily satisfied you had it but you’r not sure you want a second serving)

we had lots to talk about, laughed a lot  (well there were the traditional awkward first 10 minutes) and i think we both had a good time. I know we would make great friends (actually we are already good friends), but when i got home i had this blahhh feeling……..no exciting buzzy feeling, but no thank god it’s over feeling either. just the mere fact that im thinking about it is annoying me.

meehhh i think ill have another pot of Danette (i just discovered the cookie flavour, tastes a bit like the long lost hazelnut ones), that should make me think of something else and prevent me from trying to solve the mystery of 1st dates.

2 responses to “1st date

  • Marvin

    Well, if you have any doubts that you want to spend more time with him in an intimate setting, then you’re doing yourself and him a disservice by going on more dates.

    The nice thing to do would be to talk to him honestly, if he asks you out again, and say that it’s not “doing it” for you and that you’d rather just see him socially as a friend, than romantically. Tell him you don’t want to waste his time and money on you going on dates, when it’s not really going anywhere.

    The normal thing to do would be just to say no next time he asks, without explanation. Make him suffer in self-doubt. That’s the normal thing. 😉

  • melicieuse

    even better I’ll do the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk

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