my new shoes

Ever wondered what was that special relationship women have with footwear (most women or at least a lot of them), don’t try to figure it out, chances are you won’t be able to.

It’s somewhat of a love/hate -lust/loath relationship, the happy tingle of your toes when your feet first slip into that glittery number that has been winking at you from the window quickly turns into soar toes and painful knees after the first 6 hours standing on them. No matter how much you paid for them end result is most likely always the same, you will wear your shoes, you will love your shoes (well, more like you will love yourself in those shoes), then one day soon another shoes will wink at you and call you from the window and it will plead for you to take them home. No matter what you do, say or think, when a pair of shoes calls for you there is little you can do but take it home with you and forget about returning them to the store once they enter the home they are here to stay.

Is it the different styles? Stilettos, boots, sandals, trainers, flipflops, flats, heels, pumps, courts, shoe boots, peep toes, espadrilles, wedges, sling back, platform, mules, mary janes,…etc

Is it the never ending colours, fabrics, leathers, accessories on them, buckles, laces, ribbons, zippers, sparklies….etc

Or is it simply the fact that shoes will always fit,  your clothes can look too baggy or too tight if you go a little crazy with your diet but those glittery pink stilettoes will always look fabulous making you queen of the room.

And upon request here is flavour of the week


5 responses to “my new shoes

  • Marvin

    I am TOTALLY the same way, only with guns. There’s always another gun that begs to be added to the collection. 😉

    What, no picture? Something must have inspired you to write about shoes. What’s the flavor of the week?

    • melicieuse

      flavour of the week coming up tehehehe, what inspired me is not flavour of the week (well maybe a little) but the fact that I am running out of space. Shoe cabinet has long ago gone out the door it is almost a shoe room if I continue like this I’ll have to move into a bigger house to give the babies “room for growth”. I NEEEEEED HELP

  • gunsmoke

    Hi, just curious what the picture in your header is? Thanks!

    • melicieuse

      Hi Gunsmoke, my header is a picture I took a few months ago while visiting Baku (capital of Azerbeijan). The city marina is full of old status they make me laugh, I’ll post the full picture for you

  • gunsmoke

    Thanks, appreciate it!

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