I am stupid

ever happen to you that you say something and then regret it straight away, but at the same time not regretting it too much because if you hadn’t said it it would still be sitting at the back of your mind nagging at you like it had been for weeks.

and sometime that stupid thing you said wasn’t stupid at all, maybe it was the way you said it or the way you tried to explain it that made it sound bad when in reality you were just trying to say what’s on your mind and actually being honest. What’s even worse is if your listener takes what you say the complete wrong way, that when they talk back you realise oh god this is not what I was trying to say at all….you got it all wrong STOOOPPPPP and erase what I just said I’ll have another go and try to say it correctly this time. But guess what, what is said is said and you cannot take it back, and now all you have to do is beat yourself up with a stick thinking what an idiot I should have kept my mouth shut I could have easily ignored that nagging it would have gone away eventually….so basically buying yourself time because eventually you would have spoken up at some point, no one can live in nagging.

Or other option, get normal friends who would actually understand what you are trying to say even if you say it backwards. And what happened to “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me!!!!!!!” especially if those words were from a friend who didn’t mean anything bad. What are your options really apart from saying things backwards or shutting up only putting off the backward talk to another week

4 responses to “I am stupid

  • hamdanism

    it happens a lot, but you know, I stopped worrying a lot…I’m working on being more laid back, makes life much simpler !

  • wafa

    All the time, but you can keep beating yourself over that. What has been done is done, the best you can do is to apologize and explain yourself in another time when everything is calmer but not too late.
    and you should always ignore your nagging and that voice in your mind asking you to talk. it’s better to beat yourself over not talking than talking.

  • Marvin

    I used to say things wrong ALL the time. I implemented both solutions – I talked less and listened more, and I also got more mature friends. 😉

  • melicieuse

    hamdan: yeah I stopped worrying too, well don’t think I ever worried. I am just annoyed by my awkwardness, but yet again awkward is who I am if they can’t take it then fine
    wafa: i tried the apology, but obviously it didn’t work i actually think it made it worse my apology was probably worse than what I actually said. and really after thinking about it I thought what the heck I have nothing to apologies for I actually said nothing wrong. and oh my god, you can ignore the nagging….how do you do it please give me the recipe
    Marvin little alien: i will go with the get more mature friends approach, ahhhh well maybe i’ll find an old prune to talk to at the sand box

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