lazy morning

don’t you love those so precious lazy mornings, when you know you don’t have to be up early and when you actually succeed in that task. Where everything magically stayed on stand still for you, just to let you bliss in those extra 2 hours sleep.

Where the phone didn’t ring (it especially didn’t ring with a wrong dialled number or a telemarketing agent), when the neighbours miraculously didn’t think it was a good idea to mown the lawn at 7 a.m. or let the dog out for a barking contest at 6 a.m. even the birds decided not to sing near your windows they went to wake up someone else instead, where the traffic totally ignored your street and thought it was a better idea to circle it instead. And even better, where your own body got confused and didn’t wake up on the alarm’s time but instead stayed in a sleepy coma for a couple more hours.

When you come out of your coma you have options, you can start rushing into a frantic day even skipping breakfast or keep that pace and have your entire day 2 hours behind, but the most logical option would be to ignore day light and go back to sleep pretend this waking up never happened.


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