annual red hunt in KSA – part 2

following on my previous post, I thought I’d give the mutawas a chance to speak for themselves and explain the reasoning behind the annual red hunt (the fatwa – in Arabic)
On celebrating Valentine:
Islam has 2 Eids, any other “Eid” out of those known 2 are a sin….who said Valentine was an “Eid”? yeah I agree it is sometimes called Eid of love in Arabic but nothing is stopping them from just banning the name Eid of love and requesting that it should be named love day or love celebration or any other word (that is their concern is only the wording).
On purchasing anything
at is “Valentiny”:
It s strongly forbidden (haram) for muslims to support Valentine in any way or form, i.e. you will take a highway to hell (you won’t even stop for petrol) if you buy any Valentiny objects from shops. What’s even funnier is that they are doing an amalgam between these and Valentine:
hearts, or anything heart shaped
anything red (this includes ribbons, red food, red sweets, red clothes, red flowers)

If we read it correctly we will not go to hell if we stick to these for Valentine (or at least we won’t take the highway, we will be on a slow train, since we will go to hell anyway since we are buying such objects for Valentine)
anything cute (i.e. rabbits, ducklings, baby animals in general)
anything pink (this include pink roses which actually also mean love. But I guess they couldn’t ban all colours or it would damage the economy too much)
On selling anything that is “Valentiny”:

same as for purchasing, so all commerces are supposed to send back to the storage room anything red or heart shaped or else they will also go to hell on that same highway. So what are clothes shops meant to do if one year fashion for autumn/winter season is all in red!!!!!! do they just close the shop or do they open on an empty showroom.

They also gave additional explanation, that Valentine whould be banned and is a sin because it calls for love and passion ( أنه يدعو إلى العشق والغرام) and also because your mind will be busy in such futilities when it should be busy with more important things (i.e. love is a futility). This to me sends out a badly damaging message about Islam, that it is a religion of non lovers where love and passion is regarded as being a futility when actually it is the contrary as if you read it correctly it is full of love and passion for everything (not just their limited vision of love and passion being restricted to the needs of the flesh between men and women). I think they should fire their PR team and hire a new one.

I had a little wonder around the site and they have a full list of sins we should be aware of with the explanation as to why it is a sin, here is the list:

– watching  soap operas (probably a direct result of the recent craze with Turkish soaps)

– giving gifts to your teacher, yes your teacher as in at school this also concerns kindergarten children (toddlers between the age of 3 to 5)…..go figure I am still trying to understand this one

– sins that your relatives practice……what does this have to do with you if it is your RELATIVES not you

– mobile ring tones……so we should all have phones on vibrate only, mind you this is not a bad idea. Yes I confess I do feel like kicking some people from the ring tone they chose and even worse from the volume and also from the fact they leave it un-answered just to make us all aww to their choice of audio trash.

– visiting graves on Fridays

– doctors seeing/consulting a female patient…..wait for it….ALONE

– wedding rings…..SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!

– grieving….no comment

– couple of things about pilgrimage (not sure why these 2 are here)

– tight and or revealing clothing for……wait for it……..WOMEN. because tight or revealing clothing does not apparently apply to men

– visiting chopping areas where objects of sin are sold………..what is one to do when these days everything is in malls and really you don’t have a power of decision that these objects of sin shall not be sold in a shop in this mall. By sin they presumably include anything Valintiny, so it is a sin to enter malls where anything red is sold on February 14th

– attending a wedding where sin is committed, by sin they mean dancing or singing oh no what an awful thought, how dare they sing or dance at the wedding. Even worse, imagine how deep in sin will you be if you are wearing a red dress and dancing in a wedding held on February 14th,  I think you will be teleported to hell, forget about the highway


5 responses to “annual red hunt in KSA – part 2

  • hamdanism

    The fatwa is too long to read..I wouldn’t bother with a religous discussion to begin with 😎

  • melicieuse

    I guess they have to justify the Valentine bonus they are getting in their bank account 😉

  • Ola Eliwat

    I used t hear this since I was a kid, that Islam has only 2 Eids and any other thing can’t becalled Eid. But then, I think that when we call anything Eid it doesn’t mean we cnsider it a Islamic Eid, but rather an occasion thathas certain festivities and what not, so it’s, in my opinion w Allah a3lam, the use of the word Eid as an Arabic word as to mean a celebration or a special occasion, I don’t think anyone who says Eid el-Omm for example considers it aReligious occasion that has to be observed for religious reasons, it’s just a day to celebrate a certain occasion and you have the right not to consider it in your social calendar…

    I don’t know about Valentine’s day, but this is only about the wording,

  • melicieuse

    that’s what happens when you are stuck in semantics

  • Marvin

    That is just pathetic. It’s amazing that anyone even listens to that kind of silliness.

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