Qusai – The Job / قصي – الوظيفة

Wastaa foreveeer an Arab by-product. I think it should be made into a trademark

5 responses to “Qusai – The Job / قصي – الوظيفة

  • touta

    i’m gonna enjoy taking your post virginity for this video, since a few seconds ago, this post wasn’t here.
    gives me a cool time travel feeling.
    nice blog, and to tell you the truth i haven’t watched this particular video yet, but it seems like a part out of basim ali’s khala ya khala….

    anyway, i liked the funny spelling post below, but usually if the arab country is bad in english, it makes up for it in the french department 😀

  • melicieuse

    OMG I call out for blogrape

    I didn’t see any of Basim A’s videos (I didn’t know he had any hehehehe), I just hear the songs.
    and for the spelling hahahahaha you’d be surprised with the mistakes in French, actually it’s so bad it could be a whole new language

  • touta

    hahaha i’ll try not to spam, though its too addictive 😉

    well basim ali’s videos are pretty cringe worthy…they’re kinda old fashioned, but it makes up for it by having funny scenes and dancers 😀

    they make mistakes with numbers too..i thought i would be able to have some pride in ‘we invented arabic numerals’ until i saw a lift in a mall which had the following buttons..’1,2,3,4,5,6,19′.

    i’ll show you as soon as i am unlazy enough to upload it. 😀

  • melicieuse

    hahahahahahahahaha spam away, i love spam 😀

    what’s strange about that, maybe there was nothing from floors 7 to 18 so no need to stop at them what you think those people at Otis don’t know what they are doing…..they were only doing a “green” lifts, they only stop at floors where there is a need for them to stop

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