apparently taking a daily short nap (less than an hour) considerably reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing stress levels, they are like sweet fruit popsicle in a hot day……you crave it you want it, but what do you do when your body and brain don’t acknowledge the notion of “short nap” it is in total denial of it’s existence, it’s either 4 hours or nothing making a nap a fatality to your good night’s sleep.
Take a nap and you are doomed to watch Friends and CSI re-runs all night……I need to stay awake, can’t take one more hour of Friends unless I have the very rare chance of watching an episode that I have never seen before (or that I saw so long ago I completely forgot about it).
Do not give in to temptation, stay awake…..I’ll see if that matchsticks in the eyes trick they show in cartoons actually works


9 responses to “Siesta

  • hamdanism

    I love napping, sadly it’s a luxury I can’t afford because of work 😦

  • melicieuse

    work shmerk, I have developed a napping technique where your eyes stay open and your hands and brain look busy so nobody bugs you but in fact you are totally asleep.
    I use it at least 3 times a week in the at work. only danger of the technique is your phone going off, so you either have to wake up and answer it or someone will pick it up for you and then wake you up to give you the phone, so got to be careful and unplug it before you nap

  • hamdanism

    LOOOl…don’t think I can do that !!

    btw, what’s up with the French ? It took me a while to look up the meaning of your name…I think it means “malicious” in English ???

  • melicieuse

    tehehehehehehe takes a little practice to perfect the technique, but i do admit its only safe to use the technique between the hours of 1:30 and roughly 3:45 when over half the other people around are actually doing the same thing.
    and no, its a mix of malicious and delicious and before you ask no it has nothing to do with that freak on flickr under the same name (i just googled malicious and delicious hahahahahahahaha he is a work of art

  • melicieuse

    hhhhmmmmm the link went funny


  • hamdanism

    Ah huh ! so you are an evil malicious and delicious at the same time ?? Why on earth did you give us a hard time and wrote it in French ? LOL

    and LOL @ the emo punk on flickr…he doesn’t look that bad btw 😛

  • melicieuse

    that would be the evil part.

    got to love the emo he is fabulous, i wonder how long it took him to come up with that “look”

  • Marvin

    Such a big brain you have, yet you clutter it up with useless “Friends” episodes! Think of the things you could achieve without such baggage in your memory. 😉

  • melicieuse

    let’s see…..if it’s 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep I cooouuuulllldddd ahaa re-decorate, take out the rubish, eat more ice-cream, or fill my head with re-runs of The Simpsons ahaa i found it Simpsons re-runs here I come

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