garbage is rubbish

I was on my way home and happened to walk behind a group of teenagers, looking at them I couldn’t help but notice the alarming amount of trash they were shoving in their throats as an afternoon snack (crisps, fizzy drinks, gum, fruity candy…..etc) – this post is not about the garbage they were eating, this will be for another post-  then this got me thinking about the amount of rubbish this group of 5 teenagers managed to create i the space of 10 minutes just by having an afternoon snack. All those wrappers ended up on the floor as if they were leaving a trail behind them in case they got lost (just like Hansel did when he went to the forest with Gretel)

Then I started thinking about all that rubbish, yes it would have been better if they had thrown it where it was supposed to be thrown and not on the floor, it would make the streets cleaner but really the bigger problem is the sheer amount of garbage no matter where it lands.

I am not a forceful environmentalist, hey I don’t even recycle (I find the process a tad bit complicated with all the different colours and what you are supposed to throw where and that you can’t throw them  in any container…etc again this can be a seperate post).

I just think that we should all try to make an effort to reduce our rubbish production, when you go to the supermarket try to group what you buy in less bags instead of letting them wrap every item on its own.  I was thinking that the coffee shops (Starbucks, Costa, Nero and the likes) could allow their customers to bring their own thermos mug for takeaway instead of offering paper cups (it’s a win/win the coffee shop cuts down on costs and you have a coffee that stays hot for longer plus you produce less trash), FMCG companies should reduce packaging on their non-bulk items (did you notice how much packaging there is on anything smaller than the 6 item packs).

I am sure there are a million easy apply ideas out there, I say we all try to apply them and make our friends and families try them out. What makes it more creepy I found out that there are 5 giant rubbish islands floating in our oceans and they are not getting any smaller, so if you still want to be able to go for a nice swim and tan on the beach in a few years we should all get to work.


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