a smoking shockwave

recently the French media scene has been hit by an advert that has sent shockwaves throughout the country (actually all of Western Europe is feeling the ripples).

The ad was commissioned by the DNF (the French rights of non smokers association), and it was produced by BDDP an ad agency agency famous for it’s controversial campaigns. What’s shocking about the ad is not what it is about, it is simply a series of images (3 in total) trying to persuade the younger generations that smoking is bad for you. Since they thought we have all seen the never ending paragraphs talking repetitively about the poisons you are inhaling (yes you can roll your eyes, I roll my eyes too when I see those) and we have all seen those “new” ads with images of rotten body parts namely lungs, tongues, teeth…etc……truth is, non of those seem to be working fr the French audience since 40% of the 12 to 25 year old smokers are hooked (I don’t have the stats for the rest of Europe or the rest of the world, but I don’t think these are working anywhere since I am seeing increasing numbers of teenagers “mannig” up to the old fag/cigarette/smokes).

Enough about the numbers and the blah blah, the controversy is from the imagery….I started writing an explanation but what the heck see for yourself it doesn’t need explaining 

I personally think it’s innovative and a great idea to try and diversify the non smoking campaigns since the classic approach isn’t working. The only problem I have with it is that it might force some parents to explain a few things to younger children if they ask any questions  (like: mom what’s that boy doing, dad why is the man putting his hand on the girl’s head….you get the picture)

I am not sure if this ad will make a difference, but I do hope it will force advertisers and prevention agencies to branch out on the creativity……those images of rotting lungs are getting a bit boring.

If you are interested in the campaign a TV/web film spot was also produced (sorry it’s in French, small translation for the non French speakers….it’s some sort of a board meeting in a big company trying to find a way in which they can get rid of their industrial trash and one of them came up with a great idea package it and sell it back – making the cigarette TADAA)


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