holy playboy

my last post was about France, staying in the theme of Western Europe today we are travelling to Spain where a 27 year old Spanish catholic priest was caught advertising himself as an aid for couple and singles in some rather un-holy action.

Samuel Martin is/was (I’ll explain later in the post) priest of 2 small parishes in the Spanish province of Toledo, with Spain being strongly catholic it is needless to say that the sleepy villages where the playboy ministered are in total shock. What’s more is that the Prayboy (a mix of Playboy and Priest) used generous public donations to the parishes to develop his side business (he used about $23,000 from parish donations for advertising, internet and phone bills).

It is not clear if he was dismissed of his functions, some newspapers say that he was removed from his official functions due to “financial irregularities” in the parishes other papers say that he is still waiting for the verdict knowing that some are voting for pardon because he is deeply “sorry” and has promised to give the money back (no comment !) and that he was unwell at the time of the sins.

The guys wasn’t eve hiding his side business, he regularly published explicit ads (using the name Hector but his real face), here is an example (yes they were a few):

Straight Spanish, at the service of your happiness (just for the record, his price was of 50€ the 15 minutes and 120€ per hour…..bargain!)….and and and….. he added pictures with the ads (he is a marketing genius)……and you thought I would spare you that joy

Since the Spanish church has been witnessing a big downfall in fellowship and attendance of Catholics to it’s churches, I wonder what footfall of new audience category is this story going to attract.

while some Muslim religious figures are busy writing up absurd fatwas regarding the legitimacy of women to wear pink shoelaces it seems some of their Catholic counterparts are busy making money…..I wonder how many more Prayboys are out there.


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