cross roads

I’m at another cross road……..I seem to be getting lots of those lately, do I attract them and intentionally drive down the short roads where I can sense from far that there will be a crossing soon? do they just come to me out of sheer coincidence? is it a bit of both….is it neither, and some totally different reason I haven’t even thought of

and this time it’s a double cross road, 2 different topics 2 different crossings……and what’s even messier they can inter-cross so that makes 8 different possibilities, 8 different options, 8 different possible good choices and 8 different possible bad choices. most of the options look good some not so good, but I don’t want to regret anything down the line and I can’t take back the choices good or bad. I think I have had too many cross roads that even my brain isn’t functioning properly, it’s refusing to help….it’s bailing out on me. Will God/fate/fairy godmother please give me a sign……………….just a small shove in the right directly will suffice

and on the way please don’t juxtapose a 3rd crossing on top of the existing 2………I don’t know why but I am smelling a 3rd crossing coming soon and oh god I hope I would have managed to cross the other 2 before it hits me again


4 responses to “cross roads

  • hamdanism

    “every man for himself”…or in other words, you are on your own. Major decisions must be taken by you, and consequences will be enjoyed(or suffered) by you, and regret not since you will never know what might have happened if you took different path.

    This is life I guess….

  • hamdanism

    I’m actually helping you in the most sincere way. Deal with it now, without alcohol or food or smoking…so you can feel better later. Escape now, and you’ll feel bad later…It’s your life, take control.

    I sound like Oprah now.

    • melicieuse

      1- you do sound like Oprah
      2- i don’t use food/alcohol/smokes as a hiding place
      3- uuurrrrggghhhhh yeah i should deal with it now you are right
      4- take control… are not always in the driving seat

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