from queer to straight in 10 lessons

this is a post I am writing for KittyKat she commented on one of my previous posts that she could un-gay a perfectly queer and happy man. I am convinced she cannot do it as I have seen many try and fail and really why would you want to un-gay a happy queer……they bring so much needed creativity, colour, empathy, sympathy and brains to the very lacking  male race

So to help prove me or Kitty right (or wrong – which ever way you want to read it), then please make yourself known if:

– you are queer and you know it

– you would like to try the experiment (you would have to be the above – we are not trying to prove that straight men can be pushed to queerdom by a woman, this has already been proven to be possible)

PS: this is not a mocking post, this is serious business… important scientific/psychological experiment is never the subject of mockery


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