dear boss

please stop policing me I know what I am doing, I could do this my eyes closed and sitting backwards at my desk.

please stop checking if I am in every morning, I am usually here before you walk in

please stop emailing me every 3.5 minutes I sit an earshot away from you, feel free to lift your nose from your screen and speak to me in person

please stop poking at my work, I know it’s good, you know it’s good, everyone knows it’s good I know you have to somehow justify your salary but please try to find another hobby

please stop harassing me with those tasks I didn’t do, it is not a lapse of attention or carelessness from me… is simply that I don’t actually want to do them as I qualify them as a waste of my time and precious brain power

please stop smiling at me and randomly asking me what I did on the weekend, I know you don’t care….cut to the chase and say nothing, I enjoy the silence between us

please do not have babies, in the name of child protection I don’t think you should be allowed to reproduce or adopt

because of you I now forever have an issue with ginger people (especially women who look like you)


15 responses to “dear boss

  • wafa'

    are you talking about my boss minus the ginger part, lol. i will have a day with her tomorrow , let’s wait and see 🙂

  • Marvin

    I hate those kinds of bosses. I could not survive in such a place very long. Because I would ensure that my boss didn’t survive very long.

    Ginger people. That means they have red hair? (I had to look it up.) I have not heard that one before. Red-haired women often have strong personalities, I have noticed. Men, somewhat, but more so the women.

    I’m sorry you have such a difficult work environment. But I’m glad you write, because you always have something interesting to say.

    • melicieuse

      yes ginger people are people who have red hair, well I know 3 ginger women 1 is one of my best friends, one is her sister and the third is bitch boss from hell i am glad BBH (bitch boss from hell) is an orange ginger and not the pretty shade of red that way i will never feel un-easy speaking to my friend or her sister.
      yeah so far all 3 have strong personalities……..but BBH has a stinky personality, somewhat of a control freak

  • forcedawakening

    “please do not have babies, in the name of child protection I don’t think you should be allowed to reproduce or adopt”

    I lol’d 😛

    Also I like the new header!

    Anyway, just play along or, if it’s too annoying, try to respectfully tell your boss to like tone it down or something. :\

  • kittyKat

    I wear brandy color around my eyes, it brings out the blue in my turquoise eyes, which is my favorite color.I suggest you start wearing ginger around your eyes meli,just to start with.

  • asoom

    LOL! I hope the field you’re in has to do with writing because you’re such a good writer! It’d be a waste if you werent.

    • melicieuse

      I do have to do a lot of writing for work but i wouldn’t call it a writing job, besides if I had to do it as a job I might not want to blog…. I would rather blog
      thanks for the compliment 🙂

  • Rand

    well is she like a female version of grendizer who never ever combs her hair? and patronizes the poor janitors and receptionists?

    we don’t see it cuz it’s printed with secret ink, but the minumum requierment for a boss is to be a douchebag, they don’t care about qualifications as long as ur an a-hole

    • melicieuse

      not seen her patronise janitors or receptionists…..she just does it to “her people” yeah that’s what she calls us.
      hahahahahahahaha @ douchebag it’s pretty true i should get one of those magic ink reader lamps or something

  • kittyKat

    At least she does not seem to have planned and plotted to kill you like this one woman has that works with a man in ministry that I know of, but she “seems” to act as his boss ,that I know of.when I say” seems’,it seems to register in me as such,but I do not have absolute prove of it.

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