Lady Dior – Noir Rouge Blue

in an attempt to push the boundaries of advertising creativity (well they are not pushing too far), Dior’s marketing department is trying something new for it’s Lady Dior handbag campaign.

the adverts……………..eeerrrmmmmm well actually I am not sure it is an advert, it’s not very “typical”…… is it a movie? is it a song? is it just a handbag?

well naming conventions aside, this campaign is in 3 chapters named Noir – Rouge – Blue (yes Blue is spelled in English….not sure why, this episode is not out yet)

Chapter 1 Noir – “The Lady Noire Affair”, Dior broke the piggy bank and paid Olivier Dahan to direct an 8 minute Hitchcock style short film starring Marion Cotillard and off course the Dior Lady handbag (Dahan directed Oscar winning The Passionate Life od Edith Piaf – AKA La môme)

Chapter 2 Rouge – “The Eyes of Mars”, Dior here probably had to rob a bank to pay Jonas Akerlund to direct a Franz Ferdinand music video. Lyrics and music by Franz Ferdinand, vocals by no other than Marion Cotillard and wow the girl can sing…..oh and the handbag does a guest appearance towards the end Marion seems to be singing on/in the bag a bit confusing (Jonas Akerlund is Madonna’s favourite music video director)

Chapter 3 Blue – this one is coming soon……they made Marion act, then sing….what will they make her do next? All I know is that it is called “Lady Blue” and that David Lynch is involved

on the way Dior must have also emptied it’s life savings as they paid Annie Leibovitz and Peter Lindbergh for the print version of the campaign (theme is Paris in black, New York in red, Shanghai in blue).

Will it work? Will they sell more handbags? I don’t know….but at least they are trying something new and spending some big cash for a change, oh and the small details that people are talking about the campaign instead of the usual sliding whizzz out the door “typical” handbag campaigns manage to make


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