Jihad Jane

the US has just discovered that terrorism has different faces….shocker….nooo way really, a terrorist can be something else but a bearded Middle Eastern!!! no way oooo what shall we do now………….yikes

we have to re-organise all of our war against terror plans and organise new training for airport security staff. Avoid any suspicious looking activity if you are a Middle Eastern looking man especially if with beard or if god forbid you are reading anything but a comic book, or if you are a blond green eyes middle aged woman (yes this includes going to the airport toilet, hold it in till you get to the other side, oh and if you decide to visit the airport’s coffee shop do order a Cappuccino and nothing else any non Cappuccino orders will be automatically reported to the security control room)

Jokes aside, I am presenting to you Jihad Jane (AKA Colleen Renee LaRose, 46 years old, from Philadelphia and not a female version of G.I. Joe as the name would make you think) a US born, US bread, with no apparent non US origin “terrorist” who has been arrested with charges of plotting to kill Swedish Lars Vilks (remember the cartoonist guy from Ikea land).

I wonder if this story will make the detectives on the Osama BenLili case investigate in a new direction….start looking into the lingerie drawer….hhhmmm donno…(he is a fashion statement,  Osama BenLili has more appeal than the BenLaden version)


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