Klip}collective – video projection meets everything else

when a group of artists (Klipcollective) decide to use something else but the traditional white screen for video projection, it creates a whole new form of sensory expression (I say sensory because it doesn’t just stimulate sight)

The Feb 2010 Motoblur Hotel project

“With high-powered video projectors and their patented video mapping technology, Klip Collective transformed the  façade of the Edison Hotel in Miami Beach into an eye-catching 3D illusion. Using light and shadows, the front wall flies away revealing the building’s interior where room-like vignettes transpire. Twitter feeds about fan excitement and Super Bowl predictions appear in word bubbles around the building occupants. Klip shot all content, edited and site-mapped the video projections. Permitting, site selection and custom equipment installation was coordinated and executed by Klip Collective. The site-specific video installation was sponsored by Motorola and the NFL.”

Another eye catching project was “Canvas” Jan 2010, words are not enough to explain it


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