Telephone – Beyoncé hops on the Gaga bandwagon

I just watched Lady G’s latest video, and yes she is back  and out with  shiny new work….and off course with lots of new things in it…I mean yeah it’s still Lady Gaga so don’t be shocked by the costumes,choreography, sexual connotation or the lack of clothing…. nothing changed in those departments.

What’s new about this video is that

– it is over 9 MINUTES LONG……….9 minutes is a very long time

– a guest appearance by non other than madame Beyoncé….woohoo, she couldn’t resist the Gaga candy, and she doesn’t just show her face (this is the second Gaga/B collaboration)

the video picks up from where the Paparazzi vide ended (in jail) it is also full of strange hints to films such as Kill Bill, Thelma & Louise and others (not surprising since it’s directed by Jonas Akerlund who is famous for his movie mock videos…..oh and if you read a previous post on this blog, it’s the same guy who directed Eyes of Mars for Lady Dior). A SMALL WARNING if  the sight of skinny good looking girls dancing in lingerie makes you uncomfortable then skip to minute 4.23. don’t miss the WHAAA cigarette sunglasses on minute 1.27 and madame B enters at minute 4.45…..oh and there is a pretty awesome fight scene in minute 2.18

musical and artistic tastes aside (in other words it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not) it is serious entertainment, can’t wait to see the next video



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