when illness strikes

this will probably not be my usual humoristic post because I am in a state of shock, I just received disturbingly bad news from a dear friend. She has just been diagnosed with a nasty disease called GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome), I saw her a few days ago and she was the spiting image of health and happiness.

a times like these you are not too sure if you should believe in the often repeated sentence that god is testing your faith and strength, or that god will only make you go through what he knows you are strong enough to handle and he will never over burden you………it’s hard to believe in these

it opens you eyes to the fragility of human life and the futility of any arguments or disagreements humans decide to embark on.

you might be thinking why so pessimistic and negative, it’s not like she has cancer…..well here are some fact about GBS (I didn’t know them or had heard of this illness myself till I read about it and she’d told me). GBS is a rare and severe disease Guillain Barre Syndrome initially affects the peripheral nervous system. Normally it is acute form of paralysis in lower body area that moves towards upper limb and face. Gradually patient loses all his reflexes and goes through a complete body paralysis. Guillain Barre Syndrome is a life threatening disorder and needs timely treatment and supportive care…..basically the disease happens as a result of antigens that attack a weakened immune system (so it could be anything from a simple Bronchitis) then these bodies attack the nervous system preventing it from functioning properly so it starts to shut down….the body gradualy looses functions of voluntary muscles (arms, legs, face….it can cause paralysis) and then it crawls to attack the involuntary muscular functions (breathing, heart…blood pressure regulation……it can cause death)…..this illness unfortunately is too rare to have too much research so there are a lot of unknowns.

I guess the one good thing is that it has been caught at the beginning so there are about 85% chances that she will be cured with little or no damage and no paralysis……but there is still the considerable 30%…………less than a month ago she was the spitting image of happiness radiant with hope of a rosy future on her wedding night.

all i ask from you are your prayers. please god make her well again, please god turn the tables again and bless her with the radiance she had only a few days ago, please god give me the strength to see her go through this while by her side, please god help me release the tension the worry and the exhaustion of treatment, please give me the presence of thought to distract her mind from what is happening

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