Shutter Island – what happened?!!??!!

Spoiler alert, if you have not seen the movie and want to see it don’t read any further

I was meaning to write about this film for a while now, I went to watch it a few weeks ago now after waiting for it for a while….the thoughts of a DiCaprio-Scorsese partnership was sending delightful thought waves through my brain, I’d also had my hands on several trailers and footage for a few months now (since mid 2009 through work), I was really disappointed when the initial European theatrical launch had been pushed back from 2009 to 2010. And then the day came when I went to see the so much waited for thriller.

Let’s say that the caramel popcorn was more enjoyable than the movie, to start with it was waaaay too long for the story a mere 90 minutes would have been enough instead of the 138 minutes. The story itself wasn’t too bad, it was actually a good thriller if they had cut down on duration, and really you would guess the ending before you saw it so no surprise there. The 138 minutes were riddled with endless “artistic” scenes that had little or no attachment to the story and just helped add to the agony of the cinema seat digging into your backside while you wait for the film to end. The disappointment came when I waited for something spectacular to happen on the screen but nope nothing, it is however a great movie if you are planning to talk or laugh with your seat neighbours because you can afford to waste some time and not miss out on the screen action.

Scorsese you disappointed me this time

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