world famous for 15 minutes

Andy Warhol said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”… how far are you willing to go for these 15 minutes of fame?

This is how far BM (short for Big Mouth), a contestant on a Philippino TV talent show was willing to go for his space on the world map of useless Z rate celebrities…..if you don’t watch the whole thing then fast forward to minute 1.35 it’s going to give me a few nightmares tonight (oh and if you were wondering, yes it is a man)


8 responses to “world famous for 15 minutes

  • Marvin

    That is pathetic.

    I think now, in the faster-paced world of the future, the 15 minutes of fame is down to 42 seconds.

  • jaraad

    And he got 3 “yes”! But I have to give him credit for his horse sound it really sounds exactly the same as a horse. Although, I am not sure how he can use this in his career.

  • whisper

    They liked him,and they admire his clothes !!!

    The horse sound was unbelievable, when he imitated the sound, his mouth looks like the horse mouth O_o

  • kittyKrystal

    His mouth might have and the sound was similar to the real thing but his FACE did not looked anything like a HORSE.

    As a matter of affect he stole my act as I used to clock like a chicken in public loud enough for anyone within an earshot to hear, neighbors, friends and family as well got an ear load especially the ones with sensitive ears, way back in the 70’s,it had to be witnessed to be believed.I got quite a bit of a special attention all right locally and in the public transportation system in Trondheim,North Norway.A conduct becoming a well brought up Scandinavian blond.I rest my case,as for s I’m concerned I have the right for this act,lol.You’ve got to admire his boldness though and he had to have been a tough act to follow.

    My husband has a lot to look forward to as I entertain him,it will sound like a hen house minus the rooster of course, at where we three will reside.

  • asoom


    Why aren’t you updating as frequently as you did? new post please!!!

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