bunless salt bomb courtesy of KFC

sorry guys I have been pretty shit with blogging lately, but promise I shall be back….well i never left just been kept away from my screen and keyboard. Here is a food post (not that I can think about food, I think I over did the Easter chocolates my tummy hasn’t been too friendly to food lately)

KFC’s great “chefs” and “smartass” marketing department have been brainstorming and they came up with an innovative new sandwich (that’s after they had tried and tested different varieties and combinations of sauce/cheese/onion……oh and chicken), then sandwich is a bunless sandwich, so technically it’s not really a sandwich since it doesn’t comply with the dictionary definition of 2 slices of bread with “stuff” in between………yes ladies and gentlemen these KFC geniuses have come up with a perfect product to tap into the summer bikini dieting crowd…..THE DOUBLE DOWN (not sure what the down part is for….probably the down of your life expectancy), this sandwich boasts a bombing 1380 mg of salt (over half the daily recommendation by most health authorities) and it has no bun…..oooohhh the clever chickens, the buns in any sandwich accelerates the feeling of fullness thus preventing you from eating more….but no bun means a higher fullness threshold

here is the CNN thoughts about it


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