my big fat Greek wedding

I attended a family wedding a couple of weeks ago and the ambiance was something out of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding film. I have been blessed with a big fat family, the kind you could only manage to see all/most of them in important reunions like weddings and funerals. It was a full week of familyness……the party itself was 3 days but the familyness is when various members of the family randomly crash your house for a surprise dinner or an aunt decides to come venture in your wardrobe so she can get up-to-date makeup and hair advice.

on the menu there was lots of the following: food, laughter, dancing, gossip and some unavoidable female bitching (comeoooonnnn this part is fun too, you get to hear your aunts in action and don’t feel so bad when you do it yourself). To make you a little nostalgic about your own family wedding here are some clips of my family’s big fat party (it was a cousin’s wedding):

– the groom being a cousin all of his side of the family (i.e. my side of the family….and by coincidence we were in majority)  commented – repeatedly- that the bride is pretty but ahhh he could have done better…’s OK there is still divorce

– every surface (well almost) was suitable to cover is some sort of edible gems, if it wasn’t the dinner/lunch/brunch….etc services then you would have definitely found some sort of chocolate, cake, sweets, fruit. great to fill those flowy dresses, if you could do with some more meat on your bones then do give in to temptation

– the older uncle who apparently no body saw dance before (although I could swear I have seen his skills before) has graced the ladies with his slick moves learned in a distant time (probably sometime on the dancefloors of the 60s and 70s)

– a feast of female relatives eye goggling every dress, hair-do and pair of shoes that walks/sits or dances by……..tsk tsk tsk nice dress shame that colour makes her look ill, oh my god is she loosing her hair….oh i heard this might be contagious, would you look at those shoes ouch why does she think foot sausages were nice to look at….and a pedicure wouldn’t have hurt

– everyone had a bad hangover on morning after party night number one ( even the teetotal crowd – ooooo new word teetotal, look it up). but hangovers were all miraculously cured past 4:00 p.m. and ready for a re-run that same night

– girls and glitter definitely go well together

– if you already have a girlfriend and you have lots of family around (especially girl cousins…..hehehehehehe – guilty), avoid flirting with other girls and do avoid all incriminating pictures at all cost. anything that can be used against you for blackmailing

– the heel sizes decreased as the party nights went by for some to even finish with kitten heel at night 3……and oh taking off your killer heels to dance was no longer shameful after you have showed your legs enough with a few pairs in night 1 and 2

– after the euphoria of love and wedding bells slowly evaporated as the days went by,  the bride and groom had stitched smiles on their faces they decided that instead of posing for photos they would permanently smile and they would not look bad or “un-smiley”  in any picture

– red lipstick does look good on anyone

– the picture/video bargain starts and you could get some good trade-offs, lets face it not all the footage you have is great you just have to learn to be smart and grab someone of other people’s material and do that before they all leave. Do not believe them when they say I will email it to you as they always seem to have an internet malfunction

I’ll update this post as I remember things


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