BBH is reproducing

all prayers to the gods and heavens not to allow BBH* to reproduce have been doomed to failure, the ginger is pregnant. at the moment she is actually very pregnant, in just a few months she will bring into this world another set of ginger genes

she was a little faint this morning and was gradually turning various shades of green and yellow during a meeting this morning……a “moment” is what she called it she even seemed a bit embarrassed by the whole thing……..chill out was what I wanted to scream in her face (I wasn’t the only one of the same opinion)…..if you are pregnant you are allowed to feel dizzy and have a small break, this woman is always trying to fight the water stream to prove everyone wrong it’s as if she has something to prove all the time or maybe she just has an advanced case of OCD

if you have been reading my blog for a while you would know how I feel about BBH and seeing her faint and try to fight the symptoms of pregnancy to somehow prove to everyone that she is above human and that a little “moment” won’t affect her or her biscuit of steel image…..i wasn’t sure if i had to feel sorry for her, feel sympathy for her, or just continue thinking she should be locked away for a very very long time. Human suffering is a hard thing to look at even when you don’t like the person very much, but since BBH is and has always been determined to prove that she is beyond human then really it should be OK not to feel too bad about wanting her to be locked away in some dark humid cave.

I’ll try and find this book for her as a baby shower present

* BBH: Bitch Boss from Hell


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