young Arab girl learns to play football in France

it’s been a while since I last posted about a scandal story, I thought this one deserved a post.

both French and UK media seem to have had a brainstorming session about what to do with the sports pages of their editions…….and it seems that the Tiger Woods sex scandal from American media gave them a few ideas, a few weeks ago all British sports pages were plastered with images of John Terry because of a sex scandal, as a result he was destitute of his title as captain of England’s football team. French media replicated with their own football sex scandal, 2 member of the French national footy team are implicated in a sex scandal (Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema)…..see they did brainstorm, they decided it was football and not let’s say tennis players (the UK’s national treasure in tennis is not handsome enough to be believable in a sex scandal, and France well they already had tennis sex scandals of lesbian nature a few years ago….they needed novelty)

you would say, what’s new about a football player sex scandal….AHAA….the newness is that the girl was a minor (as in under 18, not as in working in a coal mine). you would say but melicieuse why have Arab girl in the title of this post….AHAA …..the minor is an Arab girl, a girl named Zahia (supposedly a Moroccan….but sources aren’t reliable).

a little about this little girl, she is a successful callgirl/escort/hooker/prostitute (the papers didn’t agree on what her job title is) and I took the liberty of adding the “successful” to it because really if you managed to rock the media at this age I wonder what she will do when older – well apart from having bigger breast implants-, she only recently turned 18, it is said that she was only 16 or close to 17 at the time of the “happening” … she managed to get involved with several player of the national football team…..she has to be good at her job to be able to manage this (I am sure a lot of older girls of her profession have tried and failed). even if her job -whatever it is she thinks she does-  is shameful in the eyes of a lot of  people at least she is good at it….right? I mean who cares what you do as long as you are good at it…..right?

I can’t get this question out of my head…..where are this girl’s parents? at 16/17  a girl should be no where near such a scandal (no matter what nationality or religion she is…..this is simple common sense). if they didn’t agree with what she was doing, i think they might agree with it now since she is probably making some good money from selling the story and her name…….well enough with the talk, if you would like to employ this girl below is a copy of her CV (I hear she is available for private functions too, no prices were given)

Name: Zahia D

Date of Birth : 12/February/ 1992

Special signs: hair colour and length is subject to availability of extensions at the salon, intensity of the blue in the eyes is subject to availability of  preferred contact lenses brand at the optician’s

Address : Paris – France

Educaton: n/a

Employment history: confidential unless you would like to buy a scandal story, in which case please contact my agent

Skills: masters slight anorexia, perfectly balances big breast implants without cracking my back, can walk and chew gum at the same time, is capable of not talking if requested, a master in the science of fabric saving -please refer to images attached to CV to judge for yourself that I always manage to use the strict minimum amount of fabric-, I am ready to travel if need be as you can judge by some of my photos taken in Dubai

Now if you are still not convinced with her talents and would like to see some references from previous employers, I have one of her reference letters (this is a TV appearance dating a while back, don’t worry you won’t miss her, and no don’t worry you don’t need to understand French to watch it)

on a side note, I am waiting for the next sport scandal in Spanish and Italian media (yes I predict they will also have a brainstorming session) I wonder if they will pick football too – although Berlusconi might want to upstage any such story with one of his own scandals….the Germans, I don’t think they’l want to hop on the sport scandal train, it’s not fun enough for them……….the Nordics, well really when there is no snow their sportsmen are asleep and frankly no one understands them when they speak…plus everyone tightens their eyes to tiny keyholes when they smile (like they would for pictures)…this is a side effect of their too brightly white teeth……..who else..the Greeks, they are time for sport….Belgium….eeuuuhhh do they play sports? Eastern Europe… comment


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