Blood, Sweat and Luxuries

i don’t normally blog about TV programmes because i find most of them trivial, but thought I had to share this one – not that this TV programme won’t have the same fate as most of the TV i watch….i.e. the forgotten black hole of useless things (details)

the programme is entitled Blood, Sweat and Luxuries and is currently showing on the BBC (BBC 3 to be precise for you who have access to this channel). It’s some sort of currently in-vogue ethical awakening reality TV shows, so basically they took a group of British youngsters (6 of them all in their 20s) as any modern youngster the participants like their “objects”  or luxuries as they called them (food, jewellery, shoes, clothes….etc) but alas they never care enough to think about where these object come from and what was the route they took to get to them and who was actually involved in the process.

and off course the show has a moral punch line to it (or else we wouldn’t learn anything would we now tsk tsk tsk)………well really the moral doesn’t diverge much of the usual moral we see in any show/cartoon/movie, the locals only earn a fraction of the money these objects cost plus most of them risk their life and health in the process +  you shouldn’t spend as much money on these futile objects when others have nothing to eat + all the “object” industries have something morally wrong about them but yet we keep feeding those industries and feeding from them……….blah blah blah

what i liked about the show is not really the participants (most of them are slap worthy snotty nosed over grown 14 year olds who think they can change the world using fairy dust and lots of diet coke), not the morals either (seriously the morals aren’t new)………what i like is the actual filming and scenario (at least most of the scenario) they take an industry and show glimpses of the production stages and really some of these things i had no idea was happening (yes yes i learned a few things watching the programme) also i liked the topics….the programme is in 5 episodes and each episode is an industry or a topic or how they called them a “luxury”, so far  watched Gems and Leather and next week it will be Coffee.

will this stop me or at least refrain my crave for shoes, handbags and jewellery hhhhhmmmmmmm i really highly doubt it….i know i’m awful huh, heeeeeey at least i admit to it…right?

“Hi, my name is melicieuse and I am a consumer”

okkiiiii enough blabbing, for those who don’t have access to the BBC on your TV panic not you can watch them online just try one of the links i gave above (you still have a month to watch the episodes)


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