of boys and girls

i just realised i posted a lot today, i’m spamming a few people’s inboxes…..last one for today i promise

my last post for today is to complain…..i want to complain and vent some anger about boys and girls….well to be honest at first it was going to be about boys but then had a few second thoughts and decided they both deserved my ranting. i have been reading a lot of posts where  men/boys complain about women/girls and comparatively a lot of posts from girls complaining about men/boys…………..and you know what they all read the same and talk about the same crap, here are some of my personal ranting and statements.

for those of you who are about to post a relationship complain or a relationship self-pity post in the near future please consider this post as my comment on your post

for whining MEN:

– you are probably not as good looking as you think, if a pretty girl is being nice to you and shows signs of interest in you do not be a jerk and think you can do better…….truth is a strike of luck brought you this semi super model and no you will never do better. only your mother thinks she is not good enough for you

– life is not hard on you only, things can get pretty shitty on a girl too…..yes that does include money and career

– stop complaining about your wife licking your bank account clean……………..if money is the only way she can get your attention then she will use it -and rightfully so

– stop fantasising about prehistoric soap opera house wives…….those do not exist and never existed, i am sorry to burst your bubble but back in the day women did know how to use their brain and they could sustain a normal conversation about a few more things not just talked about who they should marry their children to and what clothes shall they wear……..coy rosy cheeked girls hiding behind closed house doors are pretty similar to today’s girls except that they now wear more flattering clothes

– be nice to your bridezilla, she is yelling at you because the wedding is a big deal and she is being punched from all directions……..basic law of physics, every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, and you poor man are in the way of that opposite direction….but it is a small price to pay to be blessed with her presence for the rest of your life

– yes she does need all that stuff, and yes she does need to pay that much for a hairdresser and for her beauty products……what did you think she miraculously woke up one day and had all of it permanently stitched on to her and for free??!!!!

– yes marriage is a costly business and if you want to get married do it properly and yes a lot of the costly fluff is only there to keep the relatives/friends and acquaintances happy and not give them too much to complain about. no McDonalds kids happy meals are not a “funky” option for the menu. if you cannot afford to get married…..then save (ok yes some families do exaggerate a bit with the demands but there is a minimum that cannot be compromised upon)

– again on weddings……it can and most probably will be nerve wrecking for both of you, it’s ok to vent every now and again…………..a wise investment would be a good punching bag, and at least once a week both of you go on a sweet little date just some time away from ribbons and napkin coordination talks will be a nice breathing holiday for both of you

– don’t try to change her, no matter how much you try just like a good spring it will go back to it’s original form when pressure is released or it will break under pressure. and really why go through the effort of changing someone when you can get someone else

for whining WOMEN

– don’t try to change him, no matter how much you try just like a good spring it will go back to it’s original form when the pressure is released or it will break under pressure. and really why go through the effort of changing someone when you can get someone else

– let him complain every now and again it’s fine

– stop complaining, if you don’t like him that much then end it and spare your friends from the never ending girl talks about how he would make you feel like a princess if only he was good to you……..if he is not good to you now he never will

– you might be getting an endless string of baaahhh-what the hell-why me-where do these douchebags come from – type of suitors……….honestly i think men get the same goods and the same after sales service

– your family does matter, and so does his…….not everything that the mama in law says is utter crap and no she doesn’t always say or do things for the pure pleasure of annoying you….sometimes you need to shut up and open your ears

paaaahhhhhh i can’t think anymore ill update this post later :-p


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