i know its easier said than done but try to think before you say or do anything………………always remember these

– if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything

– twist your tongue in your mouth 7 times before you speak

– in the light of new technology…….twist your fingers in your pocket 7 times before u type anything (this applies to text messaging, emails. twitter…etc)

i’ll try to remember these myself


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  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Rules are made to be broken, sometimes! :).
    But neat “tips” one must say.

    thx 4 sharing,

    *U r on the go today 🙂


  • Haitham

    oh! common! we live in times where people are free to say whatever they want! Now based on ur logic, why are u saying that the one who says or SMS something that sounds stupid should not?

    It involves two sides, so you can alway ignore and delete!

    • melicieuse

      well not necessarily, people are free to think what they want but not always free to say or write what they want…….anyone is free to write whatever they like on let’s say their blog (like i am doing) but if it is sms or email where the written words enter my own (or anyone’s) private space then no i disagree……………………if someone is sending me a curse word to my private email yes i do have the option of ignoring and deleting it but before doing that i would have had to read it first so really deleting it would be irrelevant since it already polluted my eyes and some part of my brain

  • jaraad

    “twist your fingers in your pocket 7 times before u type” That was so funny and true 🙂 I always proofread my email before I hit the send button. The worse is to send an email to the wrong recipient. Twelve years ago I borrowed some money from a friend. He called asking me for the bank info, I emailed him all the info and thanked him for the $$ he is going to send. I received an email from my father asking me what is going on. I sent the email to my father instead of my friend. I didn’t want my parents to know that I need money but hey I learned my lesson. I always double check whom I sending the email to.

  • Marvin

    I just use a mousetrap. *snap* 7 times! Ow!

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