sunshine in a bowl

my last few posts were videos….so thought i’d actually go through the hassle of writing something for a change.

in a rainy cold or coldish day (yes alas summer has not yet arrived)…..there is nothing better to cheer you up than sunshine in a bowl, this is the name i gave to one of my favourite soups. super simple recipe (for about 4 bowls of soup) to give you a sweet sunshine coloured soup:

– 1 small sized butternut squash

– a pinch of salt to taste

– a teeny bit of butter or olive oil for the pot

– cumin powder to taste (add as much as you like, don’t worry adding a lot won’t make the soup ikky)

– some water

– any sort of soup blender

peel seed and rinse the squash then chop (I chop in chunky pieces), put your butter/oil in a pot and on to the fire (I never use more than one table spoon), throw the shopped squash into the pot and brown a little bit (i find it gives the soup a roasted flavour), once the squash browned a little bit add the cumin powder(don’t burn them… are not cooking them  only browning a little bit)……………then cover in water, turn the heat down and put the lid on the pot

20 minutes later voila your squash is ready (it takes about 20 minutes for mine to be ready…….if the pieces of squash melt away and are soft when you poke them with a fork then they are ready). all you have to do is blend the pieces of squash into liquid form. then add more cumin/salt/black pepper to taste, you can also add more boiling water if you find the soup too thick.

depending on my mood i either add a dollop of cream or a spoonful of olive oil……or nothing just on its own

bon appetit 🙂


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