humour the elections

in case you haven’t heard yet the UK has been on an almost stand-still since last week due to the looming general elections, on Thursday May 6th the voting ballots will be slipped through a box. Just for the info, general elections meaning that by Friday MAy 7th the UK might have a new government and it will most probably say goodbye to Mr.Brown (even if his party sustains power, I think everyone would agree he should move out of n10)…………….anyyhooow after the exploding mountain curtsey of Iceland we have a new stand-still custsey of the un-used ballots….well no the airports didn’t close nor did the post or the trains…..but if you are trying to conduct business in any normal manner, you most probably will be answered with “I am sorry I cannot book an appointment with you this week I am busy with the elections…..or could we wait until after the elections to give you a quote…..baaaahhhhh even if there is a new government new laws will never be valid till at least a week after.

OK, now to get to the point of my post title……this site slapometer is injecting a little slap-stick humour into this serious affair of pinstripe suits and neck ties

this is basic slap-stick (literally) to vote slap your preferred candidate

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