aching in the gym

i admit it i hate the gym…..i tried..honest, twice in the past i have forced myself to go, subscribed to a gym and made myself go at least 3 times a week to make me less guilty about that exorbitant fee leave my bank account each month. it’s not that i don’t like exercise au contraire i enjoy it a lot, it’s the actual concept of gym that makes me skin crawl in a typical gym you find:

– steroid pumped hairless monkeys on a mission to concur the world with the use of their biceps

– over embellished silicon dolls, either trying to strengthen their back muscles to support those new implants…..or more usually trying to find their pink lycra’s thong piece….yes it got lost in her ass…..yes it was a bad idea to purchase the one that was 2 sizes too small

– people like me feeling guilty about the bank account so they drag themselves into his sweat box

– yoga grannies, who have he flexibility of a 20 year old but the skin of a used leather bag (yeah sun bed addiction can do that to your face)

– enthusiastic coke sniffers…..the first ones to be in the class for a fitness lesson and the last one out…..and god how do they manage to get every move right its as if they can see the future…..they can read the instructor’s mind and know what move will be next……….does coke do that to you? i call them coke sniffers because they never seem tired…they’re always eager and what’s with the crazy eyes

– and sweat….sweat….lots of sweat and to make it worse most of it is not yours…its from the armpits of total strangers ewwwwwwwwwww

so yeah i don’t go to gyms (until the next time i manage to convince myself that it’s a good idea to join a gym), i do outdoor sports instead on my own (running) or with friends and it gives me all the workout i need.

writing this post my body aches, i tried all home remedies i know of for aching muscles but i guess the only thing to do is let it pass……my body ache is not because i have been forcing the tennis games….oh noo much simpler, i am currently packing and moving a lot of boxes and each morning i wake up i discover a new muscle which i didn’t know or forgot i had ooouuuuccchhh. next time i decide to join a gym i’ll switch to packing and moving boxes it comes at a cheaper cost and the body ache effect is sensed straight away plus all the sweat (if any) is your all yours and no body else’s


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