When the Moors Ruled in Europe

if you are interested in knowing a bit more about the rise and fall of the great Andalus (in modern day Spain and Portugal), have a look at this very insightful documentary by Bettany Hughes a British historian.

I must say that this documentary cleared out a few misconceptions and romantic thoughts I had about Andalucia, she explains how that piece of Europe was one day saved from the hands of a few Germanic peasant kings by North African Muslim Berbers who have developed it into a  jewel of sophistication and refined living……and how a few centuries later it was thrown into a bloody war with Christian crusaders who came from the North……and yet again to be dragged into a more fierce war when a group of Muslim fundamentalists were sent from Africa to help Andalucia. But really she rightfully points out that the 300 year strong war which destroyed Andalucia was never a religious war or a war about the good versus the bad, but actually a devastating civil war between nationals of the same land who had different beliefs

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, you must be warned though this is 102 minutes long (this website can give you a bit more information about the documentary)


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