Sounds of Hamburg

I was about to run off (since I am late on my schedule as per usual) but I had to blog about this before……I just stumbled on a fantastic website (one of the coolest I have seen recently).

It is a difficult task to promote classical music in a time where pop, R&B and rap are all the rage….but the philharmonic of Hamburg (Germany) might have cracked the code. They created a web 2.0 type site where users can interact with classical music in a funky way.

basically the website relies on live webcams located around famous places of the city and user interacts with  music played by the philharmonic orchestra  by assigning various musical instruments to moving object seen on the live webcams … basically if you assign violins to a passer by then that “human” will activate the instrument (or fish as there are live cams in the Hamburg aquarium)……so 3 easy steps, you chose the scenery, you chose the melody then you chose the humans/fish/car/truck and assign an instrument to them (there is also a variation on areas so you can mix sounds and movement)……..its sooo coooool i love it

here is a video about the site but if you have a minute try it for yourself (


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