hotel room with a view………..and a sound

because of work i have been staying in a hotel room for the past few days……my allocated room was nice but i didn’t like the view much (direct view onto an office tower………….or more like the office rooms had a direct view onto my room), anyhoooow i requested to be moved to a room with a better view. i packed my bags, went to work in the morning came back in the evening and collected my new room keys………….that’s when i said WHAAAAA the view is spectacular i exchanged my office tower perving to a magnificent view over the hotel’s pool and a panoramic view of the city….waaaaaawwww.

i went about doing my usual stuff, then came bed time i was comfy reading with the TV on background but this strange noise kept nagging at me……. boom boom boom boom…….shboum bang shboum bang…………woohooo…..shboom bang shboom bang shboom bang……douv douv douv douv……….i ignored it till it got louder and louder and shortly enough i started to recognise the sounds of current pop club hits…….looked out the window and ahaaa the great pool view at night turns into a view of the hotel’s pool nightclub HA great. i call reception “oh sorry maam the club is open till 3 am” (I have to wake up at freakin 7:30) “ill ask them to turn it down” (yeeaaahhhh riiiight)

the luck i have sometimes…. i got a great view and a nightclub in my room (at no extra cost) plus i get to dance in my bed wearing my jammys woohoooo


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