random anger poops

– so i run out and i am late for work………i usually would walk the 7 minutes that it takes for me to get there but on that particular day i was super late and had only about 5 minutes to get there, bingo i take a cab it’l do…………….first i get almost snapped at by the driver he is not happy i will bother him from his comfortable parking position for a 3 minute drive………….being late and not too bothered about what he had to say i still slam the door behind me while i settle on the back seat and ask him to be quick as i am late. its not until he starts the car that i receive full face a fabulous whiff of BO from the cab driver………how in the world can you be that smelly when it’s not even 9:00 a.m. i know not everyone can afford glamorous perfume or some times even deodorant but really water and a bar of soap is available to almost all the inhabitants of this planet, and all usually have access to them this early in the day……..i guess this is just one more thing i can add to me “good reasons not to waste time in the morning………wasting time makes you late, when you are late you risk cab driver BO”

– why do some people take 2hrs45 minutes to tell you something they could have said in 20 minutes…………the past 3 days i sat in way too many long dragging meetings, what is this need of dragged meetings………….is it because they want to stay away from their desks as much as possible……is it they enjoy each other’s company………is it just that at the start someone has to say we have 1 hour for this meeting not 3

– when skype doesn’t work it’s only a useless piece of software sitting on your laptop

– it annoys me when i am absent minded and forget where i put things then i remember that i dont actually have no idea where i put the object……i remember i had them at some point then blank nothing i have not even a vague i dea where i could have put it………..it nags louder and louder till i decide i have to find it……….tear the place apart going out of my mind, the floor couldn’t have opened and swallowed it……could it? then i give up….and as a miracle an hour later while im busy doing something totally unrelated a blurry memory comes back as a hint…..something that says the last time you saw it was when you were at the ATM/cash machine/supermarket till/work bathroom i walk there and taaadaaa there it is staring me in the face like a kid who’s mom forgot him in a supermarket car park (it happens a lot and has always happened)

– it annoys me when some people can be arrogant enough to think they have managed to decrypt the code of life…..that they understand what it is all about, and when they are arrogant enough to force-feed their brilliant discovery down your throat. no your theory might be wrong, life is not there to be decrypted it is here to be lived and enjoyed….and even if i am totally wrong in what i think or believe and you are convinced i am wrong then please don’t insist i will only spit out what you are trying to shove down my face

– whining is annoying…. a little might be cute…some is tiresome…..a lot is rude…..too much is annoying

– sometimes the meaning of words are irrelevant and do nothing to a cause…..but in a lot of times words do mean something and they mean exactly how the dictionary defines them……….a little example the words Yes, No and Maybe are different and mean different things……. No doesn’t mean Maybe, No doesn’t mean Yes, Yes doesn’t mean Maybe and Yes doesn’t mean No

Yes only means Yes

No only means No

Maybe only means Maybe…..it is nor a Yes or a No

– it annoys me when sometimes people ask the same question repetitively….after answering that same question a few times (by a few I mean at least 3 times) you lose all interest and decline to answer. and no asking the question backwards or using different words will not result in a different answer

– i hate tan marks from everyday clothes, i am trying to get rid of a tan mark on my hand from my ring another tan mark on my wrist from my watch and a nother on my feet from my beloved sandals. today i swapped the sandals for a pair of converse……it was nice at first but as the day went along the soles of my feet started burning from the heat, i think i will ignore the tan marks and let my feet breath

– id love to be a thing’s name inventor, you know one of these people who give names to objects they sell on those commercial phone to buy channels………………..i’d come up with great names like

“the spray and walk out” >> some can that you can spray on your hair and just go out…..really like any other hair product

“the cut it all-a-magic cube” >> a sharp bladed box where you would whack your vegetables or any foodstuff on it and baaam they are magically chopped

“the organic no bag kitchen hoover” >> a hoover that instead of using the power of suction to gather food crumbs from your kitchen floor would use the organic power of aunt hunger….yes you read right aunt hunger, the machine would drop a pile of hungry aunts on your floor they will wipe it clean in less than 5 minutes and they will nicely walk back into the machine where they live to stock the crumbs……………..it’s biological, it is save, it is ecological, it is economical and it is yours for $49.99……… $49.99 this is a limited offer call fast, and for the first 100 orders as a gift we will add our best seller “the magnificent roach toilet cleaner” for free…………..remember $49.99 call now

9 responses to “random anger poops

  • KBeltblu.

    I don’t agree,I think a lot of people don’t have access to soap and water in Africa.I keep thinking about Heidi Baker really appreciate a hot bath in America when she went there,try it sometimes,go without then when you have it you appreciate it so much more,anything,even a cruel friend that injures you severely in your heart.

    • melicieuse

      i did say it was available to almost all people not all people because i know it is impossible for some to even have drinking water let alone water to throw on their bodies. but in our modern cities where water is a common commodity and available to everyone it is a crime to be smelly so early in the day

  • Marvin

    I like the way your mind works. 😉

  • KBeltblu.

    A crime you say.What about if one is from Europe and a female and doesn’t shave any body hair,I guess you call that a crime too.

    • melicieuse

      and why Europe specifically??? i am from Europe and I assure you I know of no European females so in love with her body hair that she keeps it……………like all women we get rid of it, so yes keeping it is a crime no matter where you are from unless off course like the soap and water story you cannot afford to get rid of them or for medical reasons you are obliged to keep them.

      any other continents, nationalities, countries you wish to offend with ready made takeaway assumptions?

  • KBeltblu.

    Shoot,you got me pegged.I did offend some some folks at my church by speaking the truth about some North-easterners and I caught some flag over it,in fact I think my dream career is shut down for good,it was that bad.Well,if I don’t have the freedom to speak the truth I’m gone,never to be seen again.

  • KBeltblu.

    I mean flack,in any instance it was rebuke from 2 folks on my team when we were ministering together.Next it was 2 folks that I told the truth about a Norwegian dude,I wasn’t admonished about that however.

  • Rand

    You’re whining a bit aren’t u? I love this post, but I think it should have been a couple of posts, because the last point itself needs to be discussed thoroughly 😀 the organic kitchen hoover! And how sweet of the ants to walk back to where they live! That’s genius!

    About the sandal tan, it happens when you’re wearing ballerina shoes too, your foot becomes darker than your toes, my sister calls them “feet atayef” because they look like atayef 🙂

    • melicieuse

      oh yeah totally whining it happens to me too, come to think of it you’re right i should’v split the last point to its own post but then again i am the lazy type so unfortunately it will sit there
      HA feet atayef hahahahahahaha

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