Le dernier passager

“Le dernier passager” a short film by young Arab film director Mounes Khammar (Algerian to be precise), is amongst the 10 finalist of the short film category at the 63rd Cannes film festival (NFB Short Film Contest – Cannes 2010)

it is the story of a man who commits suicide and who’s ghost hangs around his old life not realising he is now dead, if you like it vote for it on You Tube


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  • Rand

    Meli, what’s up with your stalker-type new friend? I’ve searched for a post that she hasn’t yet commented on to post this! Man she is soooo weird and quite frankly freaky, good luck with that :S

    • melicieuse

      HA you’ve noticed too, i actually had to delete some of her comments they were too offending and rude. i didnt do a full block to see how many times can she write the words church, christian, gay and lesbian in the same comment

      • Rand

        Let alone her own experiences and how well (or not) they went. She posted the dumbest comment on like, my second post, it was just plain stupid. I noticed a while ago but didn’t know how 2 say it without her reading, I was gonna write in Arabic but it didn’t look good and I didn’t know whether to speak 3arabee fos7a or slang or what 😛

        • melicieuse

          eh la2 don’t worry mabtefham 3arabi fos7a or slang either so you should be safe. but really it’s your blog eshtomiha to your heart’s content hehehehehehehe. mind you i have been warned about her and her extremist views. you know what i’ll dedicate my next post to her

  • Rand

    La I didn’t mean her, I just couldn’t phrase the comment myself, but you understand el lahjeh el ordoneyyeh right? We should be ok 😀 and you should be on twitter 🙂

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