sista sista

one of my “friends” i feel is slowly sliding into the “people i know” box, i wrote “friends” and not friends because i don’t know how to qualify her any more……………she is not a new acquaintance and i know her and the whole familia very well we laughed, cried, danced, worried together and lots more…..i considered her as a big sister who would guide me and look out for me as well as take care of me like a big sister would…..but the past week i have started to have second thoughts, a change of mind i am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but i have the nagging feeling that i am only now seeing her for what she really is…………..i am praying so much that she is just experiencing a temporary change of character and that i will get my big sister back but all the signs are pointing to something else.

nothing big just little things that accumulate……for example i am in the city she lives for a visit, my old big sister would give me a call as soon as i arrive then come pick me up from the hotel and take me to her house, take me out or at least stay with me…….so far all i got is “write down my address, jump in a cab and come see me……..oh but only for an hour or so because i am busy”…..before you say anything, she lives a 5 minute drive from where i am staying so really it won’t kill her gas tank to pick me up and drop me off. don’t get me wrong i am not being stingy, and i am perfectly capable of taking a cab on my own in almost any city in the world..but it’s the intention that counts

what’s hinting to me that she has indeed changed is that i have brought a few things for her things that her siblings and other friends sent with me to give her, the old big sister would have been so eager to get her hands on them just so that she could get a whiff of them that she would have come by to pick them up on my first day, i have been a 10 minute drive from her for almost a week now she hasn’t even asked about the stuff, nor has she bothered coming around to pick them up

do i sit her down and tell her in the face sissy you changed and i don’t like the new you or do i let it slip in the hope i will get her back, i am not the kind to shut up i usually speak up and blurt what’s on my mind but i don’t want to offend her and maybe i am being paranoid and am in fact just getting the wrong end of the stick……………i love my big sissy and i want her back


6 responses to “sista sista

  • Marvin

    I think it’s best to hold her hand and look her in the eye and say, “I miss how we used to be.” And see what she says.

    All things change, though. Friends come and go. They serve a purpose in your life, and when their job is done, they leave. But other friends will come.

  • Rand

    It happens, it has happened to me more times than I ever thought it could, in my case the “big sister” ratted me out at work, AND got engaged without telling me, we would talk everyday on the phone and see each other but she was hiding the face that she got engaged! And it went on for months. I guess I’m not a good judge of character

  • Haitham

    As u said, it might be a temp thingy, feeling pressured from someone/something and trying to resolve it.
    I say if it continues; face her with yr thoughts.


  • KBeltblu.

    I concur Haitham.Facing the brutal reality of how you feel,Rand,about she not sharing with her very close bf the big news of her engagement for months on end,will be so freeing to her,after she get’s over the shock first,needless to say.It might take a while though,even for her to gain an understanding of what is at the bottom of your heart in regard to how she has hurt you and what your feelings are for her now.It will start the mending of your broken heart too right after you express it.Speedy Recovery Rand!

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