Clo Clo

this is what the French affectionately call Claude Francois one of France’s biggest musical talents of the 20th century. again this one died a little too young (an accident not suicide………..but they do all die young don’t they)

oh yeah and he was also an Egypt born and raised…………..a lot of those in the 1930s and 40s…..i wonder why has that changed now, is it that our Arab nations are not as welcoming to Europeans as they once were? or is it that Europeans that are now born and raised in our Arab nation are just not good enough to produce such pure talent as Dalida, CloClo and many more

anyhoooow, my brain is too lazy to write much tonight so your stuck with musical posts

I chose Alexandrie Alexandra for this post  because it is an awesome song (in my opinion) and also as homage to one of my dearest friends who shares first name with the song’s title. and yeah he is singing about Alexandria the Egyptian city

as bonus track for this post you get to hear the original version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”……yup yup Sinatra’s version was a cover to Claude F’s “Comme d’habitude” (he co-wrote it with Jacques Revaux in 1967, after that Paul Anka adapted it to English)


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