notes to my dear stalker

i just realised that i have a blog stalker, oh wow how exciting…………actually i might have more than one but at least i know of the existence of this particular one.

i had been warned about this stalker since IT had stalked other blogs before (i shall decline from making IT masculine or feminine although really if you read through the blog you’d see that IT is not comment shy).

since my blog is the centre of a lot of attention from IT then i decided to dedicate this post to my stalker. not sure how does one go about picking a stalking subject and start applying various stalking methods to them i decided not to comment on that matter but instead send a few gentle words to my stalker to try and help IT in it’s stalkage. I entitle my words “Notes to my dear stalker”

Notes to my dear stalker:

– dear stalker it is of great annoyance when one is in a stalking mission that one doesn’t offer any counter stalking content. please make sure that the link you post with the comments has at least something to read

– dear stalker this is my blog and only what is in my head will be written, if you want to show what is in your head please refrain from writing unrelated comments on my posts but create a blog of your own

– dear stalker some of your comments are offensive and most of the time plain ridiculous, if you don’t agree with what i say i assure you repeating the same comment to my posts will not make me change my words. alternatively you can just stop reading my blog

– dear stalker i confirm, you do not have super powers, hitting the refresh button 8 times in a row will not magically produce a new post for you to comment on unless i decided to write one

– if you are more than one stalker and the above doesn’t apply to you then please ignore these notes and carry on your normal stalking activities

I am curious though…… does one stalk someone on a blog?!??!!! i see the stuff in movies but that is meant to be life situations with someone following you to your home….oh wait hang on this is my home so can i call the police on you?


23 responses to “notes to my dear stalker

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  • Qwaider قويدر

    Lucky stalker, got a full blog post dedicated to “it”


    You just made “it”s day

    But seriously, are you really upset or just indifferent?

    • melicieuse

      totally indifferent, having a stalker is a bit flattering to think that someone would actually spend time trying to double guess you waaaaw

      see i treat my stalkers nicely they get a special post. now im thinking that all my readers might get the paranoid bug and think that they are IT

  • hamede

    see i treat my stalkers nicely .
    far out.

  • Haitham

    And u ddc8d a blog to him/her/it ;), how special , lol.

    Let`s see what the response wud be to this 1 :D.

  • kinziblogs

    Heh-heh, I am both a stalker and the stalked.

    I have several people who read my posts 2 seconds after I click, and check and recheck and triple check. then they check the blogs of anyone who commented.

    For me, instead if just subscribing RSS, I keep rechecking, sortof goes with my ADD tendencies and previous blogger recheck behaviour. FB and twitter replaced that.

    I used to try and deal fairly with stalkers, give them some time and attention, until I realized they are attention sponges and have no real off-line relationships. I do, and don’t have time to invest. I pray for them instead.

  • Rand

    Okay Meli I know I’m the one who brought up the subject last night but now I do feel paranoid 😐
    And Kinzi I’m not visiting your blog anymore 😦

  • kinziblogs

    Rand habeebti, no, we are mutual FANS, not stalkers!

    Let me rephrase: not 3-4 clicks, but 20-30. See? Not you 😀

    Confession: there were times I was checking Qwaider Planet 20-30x a day. Q must’ve been going “Does Kinzi have a life?”

    Group hug!!!!

  • Qwaider قويدر

    Oh no Kinzi, I never second guessed you. I know how wonderful you are on and off line. I might disagree with you on things, but I totally respect and like you, your family and your blog.

    Do you guys remember what I said about stalkers? I am actually flattered. I love my stalkers, and wish I could do more to please them.

    We should all be like that. If people find you interesting and enjoy reading you, perhaps it’s because you’re really awesome and you deserve the attention. No need to belittle, or think ill of them.

    How many times have we pushed away people who love us, because of our fears? I would assume more women are scared of “Stalking” than men… But we all suffer/enjoy this attention

    • melicieuse

      stalker lovin all round 🙂 😡

      but about the women being afraid of stalkers when it comes to the real deal (as in following you home and monitoring your every move) then yes i agree i would totally freak out and yeah hello its scary for a woman to have a stalker in flesh following her around like her shadow

    • kinziblogs

      Aw thanks Q! That’s the beauty of it, we can disagree and still enjoy one another.

      I love that people different from me like my blog, I don’t mind the million visit-fan.

      I’ve never banned anyone, and even the most extreme of commenters (short of promoting violence) will get a fair shake. BUT, that said, sometimes I have been accused of giving my commenters too much freedom, as if allowing a comment I may not agree with validates theirs.

      One has to be careful, as off odd comments can make regular readers sad, I try and be careful.

      • melicieuse

        those are just closed minded rocks, letting someone vent their opinion doesn’t mean you agree with it. it just means that u are clever enough to respect other people’s opinion

  • melicieuse

    oh no its not IT is very real and I know IT is stalking someone else but in a creepier way

  • KBeltblu.

    It’s so nice of you Kinzi to give a fair shake even to the most extreme commenters.After all you love the freedom of speech we enjoy in America,it has come at a great cost,many soldiers gave up their lives young for us to enjoy it.I’m glad that I had the privilege to be a part of the military family for 20 years,it is extremely hard to adjust to civilian life afterwards however.

  • hamdanism

    who is the stalker lool ?? now I wanna know ???

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