if heaven made hair products

if heaven made hair products then Orofluido would come from that factory in heaven.

I am not in the habbit of advertising for any products or services in my blog  (mind you i will complain from bad products or services) but i thought i would go out of habit for this pure gold essence in a bottle.

i went to see my hairdresser last week (hair magician more like) and he told me i should buy this product from him, no he doesn’t have the habit of pushing any product on me to make up a bigger bill…actually in the almost 3 years i have been his client he only adviced me on 1 product and that is only because i asked him about it.

anyhow back to the bottled heaven, as i was saying earlier i was at my hairdresser’s and while on the chair i decided i wanted a complete change of colour….i love the result but a side effect is that my hair was as dry as old hay. i asked my magician about something i could use to fix it all (see i knew Amla oil would do the trick but i can’t bare the smell plus that oil has hair darkening qualities and i have just paid big money to go 3 shades lighter), he turned around and said try Orofluido it’s perfect for you.

i admit i was a bit skeptical…..i never bought any hair product that was “perfect”……..but i kid you not this stuff is pure heaven…i have been using it for a week now (so that makes 3 usages) and each time a brilliant result. it nourishes without making it oily, heavy or dirty.

its made out of 3 natural oils (cyperus, linseed, argan) and it smells….oh god here we go again..heavenly

to me this is heaven in a bottle……..no idea where it is sold but i have to get more…….if you see it buy and try it (no they are not paying me to write this post)

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