out of date

what would you think if someone gave you an out of date yoghurt…………….you were with them when they bought them 3 weeks ago….they never offered you one till today when they are out of date…hhhhmmmmmm

i like these so much i didn’t want to offer you one but as now they are past their date I’ll offer one

i like these so much i didn’t want to offer you one but as i have now started my diet i am willing to offer you this calorie bomb

here have this i don’t want it anymore you like left overs don’t you?

eeeeerrrr im too lazy i can’t throw this away in my own home and ohh i should make a friendly gesture….here have my out of date yoghurt. bingo i killed 2 birds with one yoghurt

well………..see unlike you i am polite, i will take your left over out of date trash even though i don’t eat this kind of food even if it was not out of date and i will throw it away when i get home since something might be wrong with your bin you can’t throw it away yourself

some people lack manners and are arrogant enough to think they are fine….huh i think ill mention this incident next time i see you….yeah just to set the record straight see im feeling a little feisty these days…………..but then again i might not see you again till you have another out of date food to throw away….ah no hang on you are on a diet…riiiggghhhttt….so you wont be shopping for a while now……………i better write down this incident or i’ll forget about it for when i see you next time


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