how much more oil can float on the surface of the ocean?

so when exactly is the US planning to stop that oil from gushing as well as cleaning up the mess???!!!! or are they planning to see how long  can they go about doing nothing (well at least nothing useful) before any international body says anything???!!!!!

Hello UN anybody there….. perhaps its time for you to make the member of the UNEP work for their salaries…..once it is all fixed i would be more than happy for the culprits to appear at a court of law, and really i wouldn’t mind of the government (US) appears in court too as being incapable of stopping the oil leak and not seeming to spend much time or resources at trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. See even if the oil spill is currently only hitting a US coast the whole planet shares the same water

any country or government who wanting to use the planet’s resources should do so responsibly, this includes cleaning up after yourself in case something messes up……………even if the mess wasn’t caused by you but by the people you employed, to the eyes of the world you are still responsible for fixing it


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