Hugo Chavez – Damn you Israel!

I was just reading a few online news sites and stumbled on a new conference by the great Chavez, in it he just simply says what everyone is thinking without daring to pronounce it. He is not re-inventing the wheel here, he is just not complying with the simple shut up and watch approach.

I managed to find an English translation, as well as a French one (sorry for the messy 3 post i couldn’t find an easy way to post for Dailymotion)

“Chávez: Don’t you see the Yankie Empire? Don’t you see the Massacre, the genocidal state of Israel has committed? Against a pascifist group, who were delivering a humanitarian load of goods to the people of Palestine, who are in Gaza, encircled from all sides by Israel, they don’t even allow them water!
Masacred, well you’ve seen it for yourselves. And then there’s the USA. The USA has said “they are concerned!” Ah, they are worried..
Imagine, God forbid, this would happen in Venezuelan Waters! Are we already invaded? Be sure they’re not going to invade us!
But no, Israel is allowed to do anything, so this is an example of double standards.
The Obama administration condemns terrorism, only when it isn’t committed by themselves, themselves or their allies, Israel.
They accuse us, they accuse me! Accuse me of supporting terrorism! It’s them, they support terrorism!
I will say it again, from the depth of my soul: Damn you Israel, damn you! Terrorist and murderers!
And long live the People of Palestine!
And think of this, Israel finances the opposition in Venezuela. They finance the counter-revolution, there are Israeli Terrorist Groups and Mossad, who are following me, trying to kill me. That’s one of the burdons we have to deal with, but we’ve got them spotted, we know they’re all over the Caribean. And we have a lot of friends, they are not invisible, they’re not ‘the invisible man’. They are used to fight defenseless groups like the humanitarians. In the middle of the night they lower themselves from their helicopters, shooting their automatic guns. Most of those people were sleeping when they entered. In International Waters, it’s a War Crime!
Where is the International Legal Authority, where is the UN? Where is International Justice, for the love of God!
Where is Justice in this World?”


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