friendships resolved and dissolved

when you are sad i am here to give you a tissue and cry with you

when you are angry i am here with you with a chocolate bare and a bunching bag to calm you down

when you are down i am here with cheesy peptalk to put you back on your feet

when you need to talk i am never further than a phone call away with my ears ready to listed

when you need to dance i have my shoes hanging behind the door ready to make fools out of our selves

when you want to eat i am here always hungry and i can always fit in an extra serving of milkshake

when you want to bitch i am always here making your enemies my enemies

when you want to watch TV i am here and i have the popcorn ready

when you want to sing i am here with the address of the newest karaoke in town

when you want to smile i am here making a funny face so your nose can crinkle

when you want to yell i am here, with my ear plugs, but i am still here

when you think i am not there…..all you have to do is lift your head and look at me

And when i need you…….where are you?


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