she’s an Arab but she’s pretty

i just read a few blog posts that annoyed me, why is it so particularly fantastic that girls of Arab origin can win a beauty contest (Miss USA 2010 is of Lebanese descent) or a TV reality show (winner of Germany’s New Top Model is of Syrian descent).

Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to undermine these pretty girls au contraire, i am annoyed about these few hundred discussions springing all over the place about how fantastic that an Arab girl can win such glamorous contests, why is it so special that they won? is it that their own Arab counterparts think that it is very unlikely that a one of their girls wins in such contest? Do they not think they could be up to the level? Do they think so badly of their own nation’s beauty that it is in their eyes somewhat of a miracle that one of their daughters/sisters/cousins can win?

and really, isn’t beauty supposed to be a de-contextualised subject matter………………..shouldn’t it be detached from nation or nationality. i’m pretty sure these girls’ ethnic origin was barely mentioned in the countries where these so fantastic events happened, yeah it might have been once or twice by a few kitchen towel magazines who had nothing better to tell their readers, but really i don’t think the competition judges or the other contestants thought ooohhh she’s an Arab

who gives a flying monkey if they are of Arab ethnicity, they were pretty and up to whatever standard is needed to win such contest and they won.  If the winner of Miss USA 2010 was of Chinese descent do you think the Chinese nation would make such a big deal of it?

ah well whatevaaa trevaaa


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